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It gets you going: MailChimp for start-ups
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  What most people think about MailChimpĀ is that it is a powerful email marketing tool. However, it is much more. It is a powerful CRM (Customer Relations Manager) tool, a must have service for a start-up. When building a start-up, … Read More

First week: good morning, sunshine!
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So it is 10 am, after a long night of wondering why my method of learning is not efficient. Frustrated that the code obviously doesn’t work, and that I dove too deep into too much information that is barely connected … Read More

My Project: Cr8
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I have always had this idea of making people’s creative process more easy. Now it is the time to give it a first try. Cr8 is a creativity app, web-based and soon.. mobile that will help you come up with … Read More