First week: good morning, sunshine!

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So it is 10 am, after a long night of wondering why my method of learning is not efficient. Frustrated that the code obviously doesn’t work, and that I dove too deep into too much information that is barely connected in my head, I went to sleep late. So, good morning sunshine, 10 am, resuming my reading from this huge book about Java, when my special one said “Look at her how she is reading women’s magazines”.


He made my day, so I wanted to share this moment. I am enthusiastic after my first week, I am enthusiastic for my great mentor and the possibility to be part of this project. I am still in the phase where I design the last aspects of my app and understand the logics behind. Although I joined 2 weeks later, I am not discouraged. Everybody is learning at their own pace, and this is great about this project.


So good morning, sunshine, welcome to the world of programming. And..back to work.