It gets you going: MailChimp for start-ups

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What most people think about MailChimp is that it is a powerful email marketing tool. However, it is much more. It is a powerful CRM (Customer Relations Manager) tool, a must have service for a start-up.

When building a start-up, getting specifically to your audience is a sensitive process. Not only do you need to serve your target well, but also cheap and efficient. For this you need direct marketing. For this you need analytics. For this you need CRM. For this you need a user-friendly tool to design email campaigns for marketing.

This is why MailChimp is such a great option. And they have great support, too, to help you get going.


Email Marketing


You are flexible in creating your campaign. MailChimp refers to each email message as a campaign. You can choose from various templates, drag and drop your images, edit your text, design your own look and feel.

Flexible template




Practically, your Lists are your CRM. You are able to build your lists of subscribers, and to follow their engagement. You can understand clearly the profile of your subscribers and reorganize your lists to have better engagement and returns in purchases.




What is the use of analytics if you don’t integrate them into reports? You can track your performance, monitor your subscribers’ engagement and identify trends.



With MailChimp you are able to integrate your activity with a wide number of supported apps, from Facebook, Google, SalesForce, to Aviary, Microsoft Dynamics or PayPal, to name only a few.




Depending on your user needs, it has a clear payment plan. You pay as you scale. If you are at the beginning, it is one of the best tools you can invest in. You have 12 000 emails distributed to up to 2 000 subscribers as the forever free plan, so use them well. MailChimp recommends avoiding duplicating subscribers on different lists, so creating a list with audience groups is a better choice.


With a customer base of 1.2 million and growing, it is the choice for many companies. I hope it helps you, too.