There is always a point in time where you should start. Although I am rather new to IT, I became quickly passionate about being part of the art of turning code into life. I recently joined this great opportunity to learn a programming language with the help of inspiring people. Learn IT, Girl! is a great project, which started after a brainstorm at the Google Anita Borg Scholarship retreat in 2014, as a joint idea of the Romanian and Polish team.

The aim of this project is to help women learn a programming language while doing an awesome project. Each scholar has been assigned a mentor coming from a different country for guidance, and everything revolves around the community that was build around this project. To make things interesting, Learn IT, Girl! is a competition where every scholar gets to work on an open source project that they like, and if the idea is successful, many people can join in and help the idea come to life.

The program lasts for three months, from November 2014 to January 2015.

I am already having a great time learning Java, and I will use my personal blog to share my experiences.


First week: good morning, sunshine!
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So it is 10 am, after a long night of wondering why my method of learning is not efficient. Frustrated that the code obviously doesn’t work, and that I dove too deep into too much information that is barely connected … Read More

My Project: Cr8
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I have always had this idea of making people’s creative process more easy. Now it is the time to give it a first try. Cr8 is a creativity app, web-based and soon.. mobile that will help you come up with … Read More